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We, the Management, Staff and students of St. Joseph’s School and College of Nursing, thank God, the Almighty for the magnanimous gift of Dr. Sr. Mary Glowry, the Foundress of Nursing Education, and Medical Apostolate in A.P., India, to St. Joseph’s Hospital & School of Nursing, in particular. We conducted a three-day Novena prayer prior to her Heavenly birth day, from 20th June to 22nd June. On the 21st, a very meaningful Eucharistic celebration was offered in the name of Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey and for her Canonization by Fr. Michael S.J., in the Nursing hostel. On the 22nd, recalling her life events, a prayer service was conducted by the students in our college campus. During the prayer, a few favours received by the devotees and witnessing life lived by Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey were read out by the Sisters, which were inspiring and motivating. On the 23rd,  a Holy Eucharist was offered in the parish church. The celebration began with a procession, and offering and honoring of Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey’s  photo also took place. The chief celebrant, Rev. Fr. Anil highlighted the successful mission of Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey and interceded for her Canonization.

On 15th August 2019, the 73rd Independence Day was celebrated in our college campus. All the students and faculty participated. The programme started with the March-past followed by flag hoisting by Rev. Sr. Dr. Victoria, the Principal. A wonderful and inspiring message was delivered by the Chief Guest Sr. Lissy, the Vice-Principal, about freedom and our contribution to the development of our country. On this occasion, the students sang a patriotic song. The programme ended with the National Anthem.

The Breast-Feeding Week was observed by our college on 6th August, 2019. The theme was “Empower Parents and Enable Breast-feeding”. Our 3rd year and 4th year B. Sc. (N) students and the 3rd year GNM students organized an educational session in GGH and St. Joseph’s General Hospital, on Breast-feeding, its importance, and breast-feeding techniques, to the antenatal and postnatal mothers, and the students performed a role-play and a burrakatha to improve the knowledge of the mothers about breast-feeding.


On 21st June 2019 “World InternationalYoga day” was celebrated in St. Joseph’s General Hospital, Guntur. Our students have participated in the programme on behalf of St. Joseph’s School and College of Nursing. The honored chief guests Dr. Srividya (Yoga consultant & Dietitian), Sr. Gladys inviolata, Dr. Sr. Annie, Sr. Showrilu K, Dr. Sr. Sujatha has officially inaugurated the programme with lightning the lamp. Dr.Sr. Annie delivered a keynote message on importance of yoga. Dr. Srividya has delivered the message on benefits of yoga for students. Dr. Srividya and Dr. Sr. Sujatha have demonstrated some yoga asanas to all the students. The programme ends with the vote of thank by Mrs. Pravallika, faculty of St. Joseph’s School and College of Nursing.In the evening from 5 pm to 6pm the same programme was organized by Dr. Sr. Sujatha at St. Joseph’s School and College of Nursing, Nallapadu, auditorium for all the nursing students both B.Sc & GNM, to inspire and motivate the students to learn yoga and put in practice in their daily life to promote good healthy life style.

Available Courses:

M.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc. Nursing, P.B.B.Sc. Nursing & GNM Nursing - No Donation.


1. Prestigious College with good infrastructure, Highly Qualified & Experienced Teaching Faculty.

2. Well established Ladies hostel with all the facilities.

3. Parent Hospital with 250 beds

Management Seats (Girls Only)

M.Sc.Nursing: 10 Specialty's wise available seats given below

1. Medical Surgical Nursing - 2

2. Pediatric Nursing (Child Health Nursing) - 2

3. Obstetrics & Gynaecological Nursing - 2

4. Community Health Nursing - 2

5. Psychiatry Nursing - 2

B.Sc. Nursing           : 20

P.B.B.Sc. Nursing     : 8

GNM Nursing            : 18

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Convocation Ceremony has been celebrated on 23rd March, 2019 at 5:30 pm for 11th & 12th batch of B.Sc (N) and 7th& 8th batch of Post B.Sc (N) and 71st&72nd batch of G.N.M. in our St. Joseph’s College of Nursing campus. Convocation was officially inaugurated with the lamp lighting by the dignitaries, Mrs. Dr. S. Radha Ramana Sree, M.Sc (N), Ph.D, Registrar of APNMC, Vijayawada, Rev. Sr. Tresa Kandlakunta, JMJ, Provincial Superior of Guntur Province and other Guest of Honors. Graduates pledged themselves to the Noble Profession of Nursing and rejoiced with their family members and friends. On this auspicious occasion our college has awarded with the ISO Certification which added further reputation to the college. On this occasion graduates have received the awards for their academic excellence and outstanding performance during their students’ period. The convocation ceremony came to an end with the Cultural fest.

The world tuberculosis day was held in DMHO office, Guntur, on 24th March in 2019. The theme of world tuberculosis day in 2019 is “It’s Time” – puts the accent on the urgency to act on the commitments made by global leaders. On this day from St. Joseph’s School and College of Nursing 100 students were participated in the rally and took part in Essay writing competition on “End the TB in Society”. Our students have bagged the 1st& 2nd prizes for the Essay writing competition and college was awarded for the participation. Dr. Uma Maheshwari, the honored chief guest has given her valuable speech on creating awareness in prevention of the TB.

St. Joseph’s School and College of Nursing has organized the cultural fest focusing on all round development of the students from 26th March to 30th March 2019 in our College campus. The cultural competitions organized are Essay writing, Pencil drawing, wealth out of waste, vegetable carving, Painting, singing, dance, sports, Fancy dress, Quiz, and Miss. SNA. All the students exhibited their multiple talents in various competitions. Honorable judges Sr. Fatima, Sr. Gladys Inviolata, Sr.Lisina, Sr. Fransina, Fr. Sunil have given their valuable judgment and they have appreciated all the students. Cultural fest came to an end on 30th March with the message by Rev..Sr.Dr.Victoria, principal. She has encouraged the students through her inspiring words and congratulated all the participants and the winners.

On 29th April 2019, at 5:30 pm. the Lamp Lighting Ceremony has been held for 75th batch of GNM and 16th batch of B.Sc. Nursing students in our college campus. The ceremony was officially inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the dignitaries, Dr. R. Padmavathi, Asst. Professor of Govt. College of Nursing, Guntur, Rev. Dr. Fr. Govindu Rayanna, Secretary and correspondent of Universal College of Engineering and Technology, Medikonduru, Guntur,  Rev. Sr. Joshi Kataru, Superior of St. Joseph’s convent, Nallapadu , Rev. Sr. Dr. Victoria, Principal of St. Joseph’s School and College of Nursing and Rev. Sr. Gladys Inviolata, Asst. Administrator of St. Joseph’s General Hospital, Guntur. The student’s hands have been blessed during the holy Eucharist celebration and they pledged themselves to the Noble profession of Nursing. The newly commissioned students experienced joy. Our special guest of honor Ms. D. Ratna Jyothi, the Lady Constable of Nallapadu, delivered precious message on “the Sakthi” for women’s safety. On this occasion students have received the awards for their academic excellence. Ceremony came to an end with a small cultural fete.



Our College celebrated the World international yoga day in St.Joseph’s General hospital on 21stJune, 2018. The honored chief guests Rev.Fr.Balayaruva, sr.Cletus,,, Dr.jayasri.K. Sr.Cletus Director of St.Joseph’s General hospital has officially inaugurated the World international yoga day with a note of message on individual’s responsibility towards their healthy life style. Dr. Jayasri delivered a keynote address on the theme. And she has influenced the students to teach the patients the importance of yoga for the life. Sr. sujatha demonstrated and made students to do some of the yoga asanas .  

On 17th March 2018,  Lamp Lighting Ceremony for 74th batch GNM and 15th batch B.Sc. Nursing students has been held at 10 am in our college auditorium. The ceremony was officially inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the dignitaries Rev. Fr. Yeruva Balashowreddy, Prof. B. Valli, Rev. Sr. Cletus Manikaathuparambil, Rev. Sr. Joshi Kataru and Dr. Sr. Vijaya M Udumala. The students have been blessed in the holy Eucharistic celebration and pledged themselves to the noble profession of nursing. The newly inducted 50 B.Sc, and 41 GNM nursing students experienced joy with the pearls and gems given the chief guest and guests of honour. The ceremony came to an end with a small cultural fete.   

On February 04, 2018, the World Cancer Day was observed and organized in our college. Dr. Raju Naidu the medical superintendent of GGH, Guntur and Dr. Jhansi Vani have attended the session. The theme “WE CAN, I CAN” was officially inaugurated by our chief guest Dr. Raju Naidu and our principal Dr. Sr. Vijaya. Dr. Raju Naidu enlightened the audience on the causative and preventive strategies of Cancer. Students have put an innovative stage performance namely burrakatha and mime on the theme “WE CAN, I CAN”. The III year B.Sc Nursing students exhibited various models on different types of cancer. The session came to an end with the words of appreciation by Dr. Sr. Vijaya to the faculty of Medical Surgical Nursing department and III year B.Sc Nursing students organizing such a mesmerizing session on “WORLD CANCER DAY -2018”.

A farewell party for the outgoing batches of P.B. B. Sc B. Sc. and GNM has been held on 12-01-2018 at 5:30 pm in our college auditorium. The theme was “Dream Sky Soar high.”  The students expressed their good wishes to their seniors parting from the college with the cultural events followed by dinner. Sr. Dr. Vijaya, the principal gave a message connecting to life 3 key words from Mobile – save, forward and delete. As an expression of their love a small memento was presented to them. The entire faculty and the students have participated in the event.

Sankranthi - a festival of harvest was cherished by everyone in our college campus with great entertainment. The day was celebrated markedly by “Gangireddu” గంగెద్దు gangi-r-eddu meaning a bull that is dressed with bells, and taught to dance. The students enjoyed the appearance of Gangireddu. The other prominent tradition of the Sankranthi is the beautiful Rangoli’s shows the importance of the festival. A good number of students participated in Rangoli competitions as they celebrated this year’s Sankranthi colourfully. 

On 13th January 2018 our first year B. Sc and GNM students exhibited multiple talents in the form of dances, singing and role play. The faculty and the students were amazed at their stage show of variety entertainment. The message was “What we are is God’s gift to us; what we become is our gift to God.” Every student participated in it and added the beauty to the entire programme.

On 5th,2017 our students celebrated Teachers Day and Onam festival. Students offered a floral welcome to their teachers, and performed a stage show on “Guru Devo Bhava”. The 1st B. Sc Nursing Students performed Thiruvathira around the beautiful pookalam. All the teachers, students together with Co-workers had delicious Onam meal. The presence of Sr. Cletus, Sr.Dr.Annie and others added color to the programme.

The 27th State SNA Biennial Conference has been held on 17th and 18th August, 2017 at Sri Padmavathamma Government College of Nursing, Tirupathi with the theme “ Empowering Nurses Through Advanced Technology”. 21 of our students both from School & College of Nursing along with 3 faculty attended the conference. Over 2000 Nursing students from colleges of Andhra Pradesh attended the Conference. Several competitions  like Scientific paper presentation, Debate, Quiz, Essay writing, Poster presentation, On the spot painting, Floor decorations, Sports(100 mts race, Discuss throw, Javelin throw) Personality development competitions and Talent night were organized to bring out the best from students. Our students were at their best and won three first prizes four second prizes and four third prizes. We appreciate and congratulate the students and thank the faculty who organized the event.

71st Independence Day was celebrated in our college campus. All students and faculty participated. Rev. Fr. Sunil S J Principal of Loyola High School, Nallapadu hoisted the flag and delivered message. He highlighted on the sacrifice and non violence of our freedom fighters and exorted the students to develop patriotic spirit. Students sang patriotic songs on the occasion.  

Breast Feeding Week was observed by our college on 2nd Aug, 2017. Our 3rd Year and 4th Year B.Sc. Nursing students organized an educative and interactive session on Breast Feeding and its importance to about 100 antenatal and postnatal mothers in Government General Hospital, Guntur. The theme for 2017 was "Sustaining Breast Feeding Together".

St. Joseph’s College of Nursing observed World Population Day on July 11th 2017 at St. Joseph’s Junior College for Girls, Nallapadu. The event was organized by Department of Mental Health Nursing. Our faculty and students educated over 650 Intermediate students on Reproductive health and empowered them about family planning, small family norm as keys for socio economic development of our nation. Students have exhibited beautiful models on Reproductive Health on this occasion.

Blood Stem Celll Camp was held on 30-06-2017 at 3.30pm in St. Joseph's Auditorium by DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry. 300 students of our college and school of Nursing have participated along with faculty. We congratulate all the faculty and student volunteers who have registered with DATRI to donate Stem Cells and have given their Sample.